Research Fields

SINERGIA aims to provide breakthrough strategies for the implementation of new in vitro preclinical platforms in terms of innovative technologies, biological models and drug screening approaches in the effort of bridging the gap between current, simplistic in vitro cultures and faithful and effective future physiological models. SINERGIA provides career development and training opportunities for 15 researchers who are in the first 4 years of their research careers (Early-Stage Researchers, ESRs). The Consortium will enrol 15 Early Stage Researchers (ESRs): 9 ESRs based at Universities, 4 ESRs at Companies, and 2 ESRs at Hospitals.

Individual Research Projects

ESR1: Developing a miniaturized ex vivo culture system for drug testing on patient-specific tumour specimens. University of Basel, CH
Fakultní Nemocnice U Sv. Anny V Brně, CZ
ESR 3: Kidney fibrosis in vitro model. Maastricht University, NL
ESR 4: An in vitro model of skeletal muscle tissue to test anti-fibrotic therapies. Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale, CH
ESR 5: Multi-compartment microfluidic model to improve gut microbiome-mediated immunotherapy efficiency. Politecnico di Milano, IT
ESR 6: Bioprinting of kidney rudiment for drug safety screening. Maastricht University, NL
ESR 7: uHeart: an in vitro human miniaturized model for the detection of drug-induced functional cardiotoxicity. BiomimX, IT
ESR 8: Set-up and preliminary validation of a modular high-throughput microfluidic system for assessing drug toxicity and metabolism in the hepatobiliary environment. Accelera, IT
ESR 9: Validation of in vitro 3D liver model for efficacy and/or toxicology studies. MTTlab, IT
ESR 10: Development of an ex-vivo liver model to study drug treatment. LifeTec Group BV, NL
ESR 11: Generation of a patient-specific in vitro model of cardiac fibrosis for personalized anti-fibrotic drug screening. Fakultní Nemocnice U Sv. Anny V Brně, CZ
ESR 12: Engineering a perfusion-based bioreactor system to study metastatic breast cancer interactions with bone microenvironments. University of Basel, CH
ESR 13: Microfluidic bone chip to personalize the therapeutic regimen of bone metastatic tumours. Ente Ospedaliero Cantonale, CH
ESR 14: Validation of in vitro approaches for precision based medicine. RWTH Aachen, DE
ESR 15: Development of a patient-specific a lab-on-chip cardiac microtissue model of dystrophin deficient cardiomyopathy. Politecnico di Milano, IT