ESR 3: Kidney fibrosis in vitro model.




Project Title: Kidney fibrosis in vitro model.

Objectives: The development of in vitro models to mimic kidney fibrosis are of paramount importance to understand how fibrosis develops and progresses during chronic kidney disease. The ESR will be trained in development and manufacturing by means of bioprinting of a kidney fibrosis in vitro model. She/he will be trained on the isolation and culture of primary reporter cells bioprinting, biomaterials and bioinks and development of in vitro models.

Expected Results: Identification and establishment of primary culture with relevant cells capable of mimicking the fibrotic tissue synthesis in vitro. Development of an in vitro platform to further study fibrous tissue therapies.

Host: Maastricht University (MU)

Main Supervisors: Carlos Mota (MU), Lorenzo Moroni (MU)

Duration: 36 months

Expected start date: 1 February 2020

Planned Secondment: Universitaetsklinikum Aachen (Germany), Politecnico Di Milano (Italy); Accelera SRL (Italy), STEMCELL Technologies UK Ltd (United Kingdom).

Enrolment in Doctoral Degree: PhD in Regenerative Medicine at Maastricht University

Profile: An ideal ESR candidate must hold a Master’s degree and have excellent marks from his/her previous studies and courses along with experience in one or more of the relevant fields (e.g. Biology, Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering, Technical Biology or equivalent title). Excellent written and oral communication skills in English are a must.

Furthermore, the candidate has/is:

  • Knowledge and experience in working with bioprinting techniques
  • Knowledge and experience in synthesis, preparation and characterization of hydrogels
  • Knowledge and experience in cell culture and assays

For any specific requests on this project, please get in contact with Prof. Carlos Mota ( ) and add in the subject description “Application Sinergia project ESR3”